About Us

At Alliance Realty, we provide you with the type of personalized and professional service unlike any other real estate firm. We maintain over 25 years experience in the real estate industry; we were born and raised on Guam and know the market; we are well connected in the community both in the private and public sectors; and only here will you truly "experience the difference" in service that can only come from Alliance Realty.

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Our Team

Alliance Realty is a real estate brokerage firm established by Jesse A. Leon Guerrero, its Principal Broker/Realtor and Diedre J. Leon Guerrero, its General Manager/Realtor. Alliance Realtors include Jeffrey T. Marchesseault, Aurora "Roma" Kohn, Sheila B. Shedd, and Kimberly D. Durfee.

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Our Allies

Through its principals, Alliance Realty possesses an array of allied companies it has maintained relationships with throughout the years which will enable you to not only experience real estate services at its best, but also to connect you with reputable collateral services. These include financing institutions, insurance companies, escrow companies, engineering and consulting firms, contractors, surveyors and appraisers, among others. This is one area where you can truly "experience the difference" in service.