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Hafa Adai!

Being born and raised on Guam, gives one a sense of place and belonging that can only be matched by those with similar experiences. Having seen Guam develop for six decades, affords one the opportunity to personally be a part of the trials and tribulations, the natural disasters and growth,  the socio-economic and political changes, and finally, the role that Guam now plays and will play both nationally and on a global scale.

As we prepare to welcome an unprecedented US military buildup, not seen since the Seabees went on a construction binge after World War II, one can only reminisce to the days when homes were built from wood and tin roofs; schools and commercial buildings were housed in Quonset huts; and life on Guam was simple and very pleasant.

Guam’s evolution has not only seen a rise in its population but also a tremendous change with the advent of “Information Technology.” Previously orthodox methods of communication have been replaced by super or hand held devices capable of saving time previously unheard of. Homes and high rise commercial buildings are now all constructed to be able to withstand the various elements of nature incumbent upon an island community such as Guam.

The real estate industry has certainly evolved throughout the years. Numerous individuals have made millions of dollars buying and selling real estate and sad but true, quite a few of them were Carpetbaggers who are no longer with us. Real Estate companies and Salespeople are similar in most respects, they come and go and flow with the tide.

Resiliency and staying power can only be achieved by a select few who are willing to gamble and sacrifice for the improvement of one’s self and the community as a whole. It takes one who is not only able to succeed in the real estate industry, but also one who, by virtue of his or her success, is able to give back to the people. Hence, the birth of  Alliance Realty!

Founded on the premise of trust and repatriation to the community, Alliance Realty is a unique real estate enterprise dedicated and committed to the growth and demands of our island. Such dedication and commitment can only emanate from individuals who were and are part of that growth. It is from this type of philosophy that we bring you “Alliance Realty.”

We provide you with over 25 years of real estate experience, not to mention the numerous “alliances” formed and entered into during this span of time with other related industries, such as, banking, insurance and consulting service providers, thereby affording you, our clients, with services imperative toward the realization of your goals, objectives and/or aspirations.

 We invite and welcome you, your families and your businesses to join our beautiful island community and experience the hospitality as we prepare for unprecedented growth in the years ahead.  With “Team Alliance” you will truly “Experience the Difference!”   Si Yu’us Ma’ase!




Jesse A. Leon Guerrero
Principal Broker/Realtor
Alliance Realty

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